Rīgas rudens 2014


1.      Objectives

1.1. To promote ultimate frisbee sports development and recognition.

1.2. To find out the best ultimate frisbee teams participating.

2.      Tournament organizers

The tournament is organized by Ogre Frisbee Club. Tournament director (TD) – Dzirkstīte Žindiga.

3.      Place and time

3.1. Tournament takes place in Ogre, Lielvarde and Salaspils.

3.1.1.  Ogre Sports hall (Skolas street 21,Ogre);

3.1.2. Ogre Secondary School No. 1 (Zinibu street 3, Ogre);

3.1.3. Lielvarde Sports Hall (Raiņa iela 22, Lielvārde)

3.1.4. Salaspils Sports Hall (Smilšu iela 1, Salaspils)

3.2. Tournament takes place on 8-9th November, 2014.

4.      Participants

4.1. Ultimate Frisbee teams participate in the following divisions:

4.1.1. open division – 20 teams;

4.1.2. women division – 16 teams;

4.2. Participants play in team uniforms with numbers.

5.      Registration for the Tournament

5.1. A team pre-registers for the tournament in ffindr.com (http://ffindr.com/en/event/latvia/rigas-rudens-2014)

5.2. Registered team need to leave team contact person and fill team rooster (Players and their numbers) in ffindr.com

5.3. Deadlines:

5.3.1. October 19, 2014 – deadline for registration. "The Organizers"publish the final list of participating teams on October 21, 2014. ;

5.3.2. October 23, 2014 – deadline for invitations for receiving visa;

5.3.3. October 23, 2014– deadline for paying deposit.

5.3.4. October 31, 2014 - dedline for payind full team fee

5.3.5. October 31 - deadline for registration of team rooster in ffindr.com

5.4. A team is counted as a registered after being published on the October 21, as the registered teams for the tournament and having paid deposit of 50 EUR to the Ogre Frisbee Club. If a team pulls out after registration deadline, the deposit is not refunded.

5.5. If there are more teams registered for any of the divisions than the maximum number named in 4.1, there is a prelimenary list formed on October 19. Tournament Organizing Committee decides which team is included in preliminary list  according to:

5.5.1. Team results in other indorr tournaments

5.5.2. Previous years result in Rigas Rudens

5.5.3. Nationality of the team (if team results in points 5.5.1. and 5.5.2. are similar then preference will be given to team which is the only one representing country).

5.5.4. Previous year's ranking and spirit of the game result in Riga Rudens

5.6. If any of the pre-registered teams does not pay deposit until October 20, it is not counted as registered and Tournament Organizing Committee decides which team from the waiting list takes the vacant place. In this case the new pre-registered team pays deposit within 3 days.

5.7. In case there is not the maximums number of teams registered in any of the divisions, and if there is waiting list in the other division, TOC may decide about changing the maximum number in one division respectively changing the number of teams in the other division.

5.8. The principle of “invited teams” shall be applied by TOC regarding the participating teams to ensure high level international participation.

6.      Competition

6.1. Teams in both divisions are seeded taking into account the results of the previous indoor ultimate tournaments.

6.2. Playing schedule is sent to the team captains and posted on the website www.frisbee.lv.

6.3. Players wear uniforms with shirt numbers. A team may not add new players to the team during the tournament. A player may play only for one team during the tournament

6.4. Before first game in each sport hall team captain check game protocol at staff table to ensure that players have the same number as in rooster registered on ffindr.com

6.5. Format – 5 players on the field. The number of players in a team – not limited.

6.6. Rules – international ultimate Frisbee rules applied with named exceptions for the indoor play.

7.      Awards.

7.1. The first 3 teams in each division receive winners cups and medals.

7.2. The winner of the Spirit of the Game award in both divisions is estimated by collecting team votes after each game by staff during the whole tournament except semifinals and finals in the open division.

7.3. One player in each division that scores most goals and assists receive MVP cup (most valuable player).

8.      Financial conditions

Tournament fee is 140 EUR , which includes deposit of 50 EUR. The fee includes a tournament bus to Lielvarde hall.


Bank information:


Bank name: SWEDBANK

Bank code: HABALV22

Address: SKOLAS IELA 12, LV-5001


IBAN code: LV06HABA0551016088329
Registration number:


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