Before first game in each sport hall team captain check game protocol at staff table to ensure that players have the same number as in rooster registered on and make corrections if necessary

At the beginning of the tournament, team receive two Spirit of the game sheets where all day game Spirits are recorded. At the end of the day captain should bring Spirit sheet back to the staff.


Tournament is played according to the WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2013 subject to the specifications mentioned below.


Games played to 11 points, time cap 25 minutes. When time-cap is reached, finish the point. If no team has reached 11 points, add 1 to the leading score to set the new point cap. Games for the 1st and 3rd place in both divisions played to 15 points, time cap 40 minutes (and there are no half times, nor extra time-outs).


1 time-out (one minute) per game per team. If a time-out is taken during the last 5 minutes of a game, the game clock stops. The game clock starts again when the disc is checked in, or, if time out is taken between points, when the receiving team touches the pull.

Stall count is 8 seconds.

The brick point is set 5 meters into the playing field proper counting from the endzone -line.


Callahan rule applies.



A dropped pull is NOT a turn-over, you should start play at place where disk stops or cross playing field. If defensive player think that disk was dropped intentionally to get better starting position, then defensive team may insist on starting play at the place where offensive player drop the disk.

If after the pull disc crossed any of the perimeter lines (sidelines and endlines) above 2 meters up, offensive players can chose brick or start at place where disc crossed perimeter line.

If after the pull disc crossed perimeter line lower than 2 meters the disc is put in play at the place where disk crossed perimeter line, even if it is endline (back line of the end zone).

If after the pull disk stops on the field, play should start at the place where disk stoped.

If after the pull disk touch playing field and then leave it, play should start at the place where disc crossed perimeter line.

If you catch the pull in your endzone, you have to play it from there.


Reminder: during play (not counting pulls) with missed passes etc., you are still allowed to bring the disc up to the goal line, just like outdoor.

Late arrival to game

The game clock will start immediately the hall is free. If one or both teams aren't ready to play after the first three minutes, the team(s) will be penalised with one point for every begun minute they are late.


Tie breakers

If two teams end up with the same points, you go to the head to head result. If three or more teams end up with the same points, you make a separate result table counting only the results of the games between the tied teams. If teams still are tied, you count goal difference in the games between the tied teams. If this doesn’t help – you count total goals scored, and finally – goal difference in all games.





As the game schedule is so tight and there are so many games per day, we kindly ask you to leave the field immediately after your game, so that the next game can begin on time. Thank you in advance!