Tournament Rules


Tournament is played according to the WFDF Rules of Ultimate subjectto

the specifications mentioned below.


Games are played 5-on-5 on the beach. In the mix division teams play with 2-3

women on the line; receiving team decides.


Game played to 11 points, time cap 25 min. When time-cap is reached, finish the

point. If no team has reached 11 points, add 1 to the leading score to set the new

point cap. Finals are played to 13 points, time cap 35 minutes and there are no

half times or extra time-outs.1 time-out (one minute) per team per game.


Stall count is 10 seconds. The brick point is set 10 meters into the playing field

proper counting from the endzone-line. Callahan rule applies.


Late arrival to game

The game clock will start immediately. If one or both teams aren't ready to play

after the first five minutes, the team(s) will be penalised with one point for every

begun minute they are late.


Tie breakers

If two teams end up with the same points, you go to the head to head result. If

three or more teams end up with the same points, you make a separate result

table counting only the results of the games between the tied teams. If teams still

are tied, you count goal difference in the games between the tied teams. If this

doesn’t help – you count total goals scored, and finally – goal difference in all





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